James Lister MP - Member for Southern Downs
James Lister MP - Member for Southern Downs

James was elected to the Queensland Parliament as the Member for Southern Downs on 25 November 2017. On 15 February 2018, he was appointed as a Member of the Legal Affairs Community Safety Committee.

Married with two young boys, James served with the Royal Australian Airforce for seventeen years. His proud service included postings around Australia. In 2009, James was deployed to Australia’s Middle East Headquarters in support of the international war against terrorism, earning him the Australian Active Service Medal and the Afghanistan Medal. He also served as an Aid-De-Champ to the Governor General in 2004 and as Aid-De-Champ to the Governor of Queensland in 2007-2008.

James is passionate about the Southern Downs Electorate, and he spends a great deal of time visiting the towns and villages and talking to everyday people on the ground. Whether it is taking appointments with constituents, visiting schools, or having a yarn with locals at a community hall, you will see James out and about. It is the best way for him to understand people’s concerns and to find out what is happening around the electorate.

The Southern Downs Electorate is made up of a diverse range of people, cultures, industries and communities and getting the priorities balanced and right is what James is all about. James understands that there is a need for good management which is critical in areas such as roads and infrastructure, hospitals, education and emergency services. James expects the Government to manage finances carefully and to prudently invest in our electorate so that we receive the maximum financial benefits possible.

James’ focus is on a no-nonsense service delivery, cutting red tape and less government interference in our everyday lives. He has proven to be a fighter for the Southern Downs Electorate, openly pushing for investment in areas such as dams, roads and agriculture to generate jobs. James is focused on reducing the pressures on cost of living, farming and small business, while bringing the best return though the front door and at the farm gate during these very testing times.

Appointments to meet James are available at locations throughout the Southern Downs Electorate and as your representative in Parliament, he will be pleased to assist you and your community in any way he is able to.

Please contact the Southern Downs Electorate Office in Stanthorpe directly to book an appointment.